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Eco Homes from the Earth: 7 Ways to DIY

too many videos that are set to automatically come on but otherwise a neat site. cordwood-building

Homes: Vintage

I never used to be that impressed with Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl, but there's something about her now that I simply adore. I don't know why... but in a way that makes the attraction even stronger.

Home Blessing: Smoke of Air and Fire or Earth, cleanse and bless this home and hearth. Drive away all harm and fear; only good may enter here. #bos #witchcraft

What Is Your Element?

Lydia woke up back in my home momma nature :I'm here I'm home . Mother Nature! Feels somethings is very wrong. Not sure wat. Mother Nature voice barely a hoarse whisper dying darling gal return to the sea for she has killed me more than u my love shall ever know