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31 things you need to know

an awesome series of practical tips that will change your every day like the best way to microwave pizza, how to prevent tugging your power tools unplugged and how to move heavy furniture with the strength of wonder woman

Rid your garden of aphids by spraying your plants with a solution of vinegar and water. 1 cup vinegar to a gallon of water. Vinegar is a natural pesticide so you can get rid of many critters by using a solution mixed with water.

Free Kindle Book For A Limited Time : House Cleaning Tips: How to Clean and Declutter Your Home Fast - Do you enjoy house cleaning? The truth is most of us don’t. This book shows you not only how to clean and declutter your home fast but also how to make the process feel less like a chore.In addition to learning how to declutter, you’ll find spring cleaning tips and techniques for your annual spring clean as well as some general tips and ideas for maintaining a clean house. There’s even a…

How to Make Liquid Soap- completely homemade, not from commercial bar soap. Has recipes for Moisturizing Hand Soap, Moisturizing Shampoo and a All-Around Home Cleaning Soap that she uses for laundry, dishes & in the dishwasher as well.