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She wasn't afraid to be herself. When everybody said, be a lamb, she showed her fangs, and became a wolf.

there are times where i think to myself "why do i even bother trying to go that extra mile, to get your attention when i know you wouldn't do the same ?" would it because i care enough to try even though the answer is very clear. Or perhaps showing that you care an be either interpreted as being naive or being honest.


Pumpkin Dream Cake with Cinnamon Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

All these pathetic aimed pins about how obsessed people are with your 'perfect' fairytale life.... seriously. Im over it. You won your prize and the comeuppance of that is you get to keep him. En-fucking-joy

That is what I NEED! I need to be told I'm loved,to be reassured.. It does lift a weight off me like nothing else! Unfortunately not many ppl will do it

Oh you know- just being me ❥ #justBE ☺️#truthbetold

Raised by wolves sweater with stencil download :: Girl like the sea

Dylan O Brien and Tyler Posey (you can tell they were doing a void stiles scene before this interview by Dylan's hair)

The Wolf of Wall Street is a great video depicting the life of James Belfort who was convicted of fraud. This picture and video of Wolf of Wall Street is a good example of the sociological term " white-collar crime", which are illegal acts committed by people of high status. Basically this quotes tells you that some people of high status don't care about the crimes they commit as long as their pockets are deep.