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Keep your wine chilled and festive with Frozen Wine Cubes with Edible Flowers | homeiswheretheboatis.net #edibleflowers

. Freeze leftover wine in icecube trays to cook with later. {I am still trying to figure out who has left over wine?}

freeze grapes to chill wine instead of icecubes-- keeps wine cool without diluting it! {25+ Brilliant Ideas and Timesavers That Will Rock Your World}

21 Cool Ways to Use an Icecube tray! 1. For leftover wine. If you haven’t quite finished a whole bottle, pour the rest into an ice cube tray to use for making sauces and soups later +++ 20 more

Red and White Wine : Just about the only thing you can't do with frozen wine is drink it. It's practically perfect for so much else: Deglaze your fish pan with a wine ice cube, then add a dab of butter for a tasty sauce. Use it to punch up a beef stew or marinara. Add two or three to the pot when steaming mussels and clams. Or melt down a tray-full to poach fruit at its peak of ripeness.

create beautiful chardonnay ice cubes wt edible flowers / garden party perfect / gorgeous + keeps wine chilled wt out diluting. DIY

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