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Stare at the red dot for 30 secs then at a blank white wall and blink !

Just do it. With any Youtube video. Do it.

Just do it. With any Youtube video

If you start remembering things that you did not do. then its time to stop lying. Actual Advice Mallard meme - Cast your vote, share, discuss and browse similar memes

Well that's awesome and terrifying. Let's imagine some vines reaching across the path as people walk by.

black-and-white: Darkness Darkness by Myles Smith Petit: off I go, into that darkness … g'night, eveyone ♥ sleep sweetly

Easier Life - 29 Household Cleaning Hacks to Try ... SourceHave you ever thought of using a dustpan in your sink just so that you can fill a tall bucket? This list will help you have an easier life and a better time cleaning!

This has changed my life. why didn't i think of any of these? These Lifehacks Will Change and Improve Your Life Forever - Cheezburger

a series of helpful tips. I am definitely going to do the black pepper thing !

Funny pictures about Life Tricks. Oh, and cool pics about Life Tricks. Also, Life Tricks.

25 Simple And Creative Tips-And-Tricks

25 Simple And Creative Tips-And-Tricks To Make Your Day Easier

I am skeptical about some of these, but some seem like great ideas! What does the Oreo cereal bowl have to do with a creative trick? That's just making me want Oreos! 25 Simple And Creative Tips-And-Tricks To Make Your Day Easier

No more pocket problems!!!

No more pocket problems!!!

This changed her life! Wrapping her ear bud cords CHANGED HER LIFE! She didn't have to go to school, get a divorce, or have a child. All she needed to CHANGE HER LIFE was to wrap her ear bud cord!

I'm not sure I could ever work up the nerve to do this, but that's clever

When there’s not enough time…

the things people come up with. Wonder if it works? lol (not that I could have ever done that when I was in school because we couldn't do homework assignments on the computer and email a teacher) :)

How to spot a liar

How To Spot A Liar [INFOGRAPHIC] ~TA: Interesting . a lot of it is true, though hard to assess. I think they are wrong about liars not looking you in the eye. There are often other reasons someone won't look you in the eye. A liar is jus