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Oh the Scary Story books. I think every 90s baby remembers these books. I will never forget reading the page quickly because the face of the dead girl on the opposite page scared me so much. Had to turn the page...but the terror continued. I loved these books.

Do Story: How to tell your story so the world listens. (Do Books) by Bobette Buster

There were a lot of things I liked about this book and a lot of things I didn't like. I feel like it was a good October Daye book, but as a book it left me whelmed. It wasn't bad, but the things that bothered me about Toby three books ago are the same things bothering me about her now. I also hate when love triangles are resolved in this manner. I loved the bits of May stuff we were given and the fact that Toby remembered she had friends inbetween books this time.

Definitely worth a read for those who aren't afraid of embracing their literary geekiness by delving into urban fantasy. Not one of my usual genres, but a great book.


Amazing Paranormal Love Stories that Aren't Totally Cheesy

Need a good read? Check out a few awesome paranormal romances that aren’t totally cheesy. These books capture your attention with great characters, amazing stories and a nice side of love that doesn’t overpower the rest.

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The Prada Plan 2: Leah's Story

The Prada Plan 2: Leah's Story I read the first one it was sooo good cant wait to read this one

Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without A Date By Katie Heaney. Calling all singles! We just started reading this book and can't get enough of it.