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Pinner Before:Lightening is EVIL

Ten Amazing Coincidences…

Funny pictures about Ten Amazing Coincidences. Oh, and cool pics about Ten Amazing Coincidences. Also, Ten Amazing Coincidences.

Love this label! Way better than "Handmade with love by..."

Woven Labels - This Took Forever

5 dollar bill folded shows twin towers, 10 shows planes collide, 20 shows buildings falling, 50 shows cloud of smoke, 100 shows new beginning, and all are folded in the shape of an airplane. So weird

Five dollar bill shows the twin towers.Ten dollar bill shows after the planes collided.Twenty dollar bill shows the building collapsing.Fifty dollar bill shows the dust and smoke.One hundred dollar bill shows a new beginning…CREEPY

Well. I now hope everyone can better understand my fear of the ocean.We just learned about this in science. Weird

Why No One Should Mess With The Ocean

THe ocean is so interesting. Since we've only discovered of the ocean. There may be mermaids down there. :D ;P ---- ALSO more proof that I should actually be a marine biologist/ oceanographer of some sort

20 jokes your dad would tell you

20 Jokes That Are So Stupid They Will Make You Laugh funny jokes lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor funny jokes best jokes ever best jokes

Just in case you missed this...

Funny pictures about Three planet alignment over Egyptian pyramids. Oh, and cool pics about Three planet alignment over Egyptian pyramids. Also, Three planet alignment over Egyptian pyramids.

'A little too ironic, don't you think? '

The 15 Most Ironic Facts Ever-- some of these aren't really ironic, just interesting. Also, it's obvious why Dolly Parton didn't win a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.