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we are NOT Gingers. We are REDHEADS. Whoever made this is poorly informed. BUT it has some interesting points about true *redheads.*   I think it's funny though. I am a true-born redheads, and I have no allergies, have never been stung by a bee, definitely have a soul, and I'm a wimp when it comes to pain (but who knows-- maybe I'd be more of a wimp when it comes to pain if I wore born with another hair color!).

Itโ€™s Not Easy Being Red

Its not easy being ginger hair interesting red head history ginger facts infographic

Freaking sucks. A teacher gave me a failing grade on an project that met all the requirements because I "did better last year". No. I met the requirements and the kid who didn't got a better grade than me because I wasn't living up to the standards they set for me based on past work. It makes me hate doing my best from the start if I'm going to be punished for it.

A lazy employee continues to be lazy and no one bats an eye. A hard working employee takes it easy one day and everyone loses their mind

Seriously....uncomfortable beds, the diet they SHOULD be eating (but definitely don't want) they're in pain, they can't sleep, everything is hurry up and wait and go figure, the patients are unhappy. Administration is the one who needs to be reminded that the H in hospital DOESN'T stand for hotel.

That is the damn truth! Did I hurt you? Did I not take care of you? Fuck you for thinking I should have sucked your dick


Who said anything about getting paid ๐Ÿ˜ก. Work work work work but paid? Um, no.

As long as there's gloves...

then when you realize everyone else wears their gloves to turn on the light, change the channel, adjust the bed, and just about everything else. you HAVE to wear gloves to touch ANYTHING!

Quotes on falling in love for people who are terrified of falling in love

Quotes on falling in love for people who are terrified of falling in love