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Bob Bigelow 1960

40 Pictures That Show Just How Much The World Has Changed

Children love chickens and Chesterfields.

"Taken by Horace Warner in 1912 in Spitalfields England, these images of poverty stricken children show the horrible existences they had to endure just to survive." - this is the caption. This looks like flirting to me.

23 People Who Prove Old-School Cool Is The Ultimate Cool

Ice-skaters in the 1930s, when the sport was clearly a more formal affair. | 23 People Who Prove Old-School Cool Is The Ultimate Cool

Cute old photo of a very Smart Dog!

Here Are 45 Rare Photos From The Past You've Never Seen Before. #7 Is Horrifying!

A couple enjoys an old-fashioned zipline at a fair (1923).

Knee-knocking, palm-sweating, terrifying heights (33 photos)

Not nuts, more like awesome! | They were totally nuts - Real - Seen here are painters atop the Woolworth Building in New York City in unknown) - The guy in the back is standing on top of one of the four spires surrounding the central spire seen here:

1884 photo shows Lady Liberty towering over the Paris landscape just before she was disassembled and shipped to New York. Old Photo Archive

unknown Queensland girl, 1884. It's really rare you see a girl beautiful by modern standards in these old photos...

1800's elegance, modesty & still beautiful! [This leads to a blog about reserching your ancestors, so maybe not this one???]