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Technical SEO for Nontechnical People: Parameter id

6 Ways to Earn Higher Rankings Without Investing in Content Creation and Marketing - Whiteboard Friday - Moz

Analyze the impact of mobile on your site. What percentage of your organic traffic currently comes from mobile? Which keywords generate the most mobile visits? What experience do you currently serve these mobile users? f the data suggests a positive business impact resulting from organic mobile visitors, utilize Google’s keyword tool to understand search behavior. Some keywords and user intent will be more prevalent on mobile devices.

Use tabs or an expanding div. With this, you will be able to show introductory page content with an option for an interested reader to read more while also having product listing visibility about the page fold. If you're using an expanding solution that is visible text to search engines, then you should have no worries. Where folks go wrong is with the usage of frames. The framed text is invisible to bots.

Google has added a new answer/snippet box to the top of the search results, this new one is for famous people quotes. If you search for a famous person and add “quotes” to the end of the query, it is likely that you will see the box. The issue is, it appears that Google is pulling the quotes from across the web but not citing or sourcing the location they found these famous quotes.

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