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Fox!! According to Nat Geo, they may be the most optimal pets yet. I believe it.

The Curious Kit : Red Fox - (Vulpes vulpes) - Breckenridge, Colorado : Nate Zeman - Fine Art Nature Photography

Cute and curious fox :)

"The curious fox, St Ana Lake, Romania Photographer Dan Dinu encounters a curious fox as he walked in the woods. This curious fox was definitely ready for its close-up.

hello there sir

Funny pictures about This Curious Fox. Oh, and cool pics about This Curious Fox. Also, This Curious Fox photos.

Fox jumping to catch his dinner.  They have great hearing.

Snow Diving Fox When the fox strikes, he strikes with style. ' A red fox listens out for mice scurrying six feet beneath the snow before diving head first into the drift. I don't know why, but I've seen this over and over, and it still cracks me up!

Fluffy serious looking fox, he looks like me in the morning.

Red Fox - Round Island, Alaska, USA - by: (Jon Cornforth). So beautiful.all animals (inc. some people) should should be treated with love and respect.