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1.) "The voice laughs, embarrassed. Of course you must think I'm so outside of things" Dede is a character that's tired of being asked about her past and just wants to live a normal life without a interview.

from The Luckiest

Lucky Number Thirteen.

Guys,I'm gonna do it...I don't care anymore...I hate myself so much I'm tired I starve myself I want to sleep and not wake up..please don't worry by the time you read this I'll be gone.

from SheKnows

How to know your cat loves you, even if he claws the crap out of your hands

How to know your cat loves you, even if he claws the crap out of your hands. | #Pets #CatLovers -- :)

I love miracles!!! Makes life exciting!!!2016 affirmations...resolutions...intentions...

I'm aware that I'm a rare breed of woman.


Nikita Wong @meetmeinparee Goodnight babes. ...Instagram photo

Nikita Wong @meetmeinparee Goodnight babes. ...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Danisnotonfire< I do this everytime someone is there while I'm putting away dishes and dans video made me feel so much better like "oh okay it's normal to think about how people's lives are in your hands periodically HAHA. Not insane!...yet"

from Redefined Mom

How A Normal Person Uses Essential Oils In Her Daily Life

Ever wonder how a normal person uses essential oils in her daily life? Here is a snapshot of how essentials oils can work in the most normal of households.