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Ocean foam at Australia’s beaches This weird phenomenon happened off the coast of Yamba in New South Wales, Australia. Scientists say the foam is caused by all kinds of impurities, such as chemicals, plants, salts etc. Due to its low density and persistence, foam can be blown by strong on-shore winds from the beachface inland onto sidewalks and streets.

Captain Cook's Map of Australia, on which he landed with his crew during their first expedition in 1770. After investigating Tasmania, they were blown onto the lush, east coast of the continent and Cook claimed it New South Wales. In 1786, it would be established as a British penal colony.

An island called Sandy Island, located between Australia and New Caledonia, was charted on maps for over a century until a crew of scientists sailed to the location and found it didn’t exist.

The Archelon is the largest sea turtle species ever discovered. It lived during a time when most of North America was covered by a shallow ocean, about 75-65 million years ago.

Helosis Ruficeps. The Very Special Parasitic Plant of Malaya Taken in the field. Rare Plant. You cannot get this plant anywhere else in the world but only in three of four localities in Peninsula Malaysia.

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Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves. Sometimes we gotta go WALKABOUT. - David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu, Australia - from Baz Lurhmann’s 'Australia,' the movie - his first since 'Moulin Rouge' - I haven't seen this, but hope to..