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I really enjoy how the trees are coming out of the figure! ~Window Shopping 2 by *vandalised

The shadowy figure pressed its face the window, cupping thin hands around its eyes to better see in the vehicle. It stared at the passengers in turn, searchingly, hungrily. No one inside noticed, except one. An icy chill pulled the ten year old from the monotonous dreary landscape outside. She glanced behind her and her heart leapt to her mouth. She froze, stricken. Sunken eyes bore into hers from the back window, headlights from the car behind glowing faintly through its body. Then gone.

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This Tiny House Features a Genius Wall of Shutters You Can Open Wide

This Tiny House Features a Genius Wall of Shutters You Can Open Wide - One of the biggest challenges with tiny house design is figuring out how you can maximize your privacy while still letting plenty of light into a small space. The last thing you want is a cramped structure without enough windows; this not only feels dark and confining, but doesn’t take advantage of integration with outdoor spaces; it is a missed opportunity.

fiddle leaf fig tree is THRIVING!! Who hoo!! You guys..I figured it out. I seriously only water it once a month and its doing amazing! I soak it good that time and let it almost dry up before watering it again.