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Concorra a dois jantares – para duas pessoas – na 4ª Settimana Della Cucina Regionale Italiana | Gastrolândia – por Ailin Aleixo

"Dear rap artists,Please stop putting police sirens in your songs.Sincerely, every paranoid stoner."

O que são vinhos orgânicos, naturais e biodinâmicos? Quais as diferenças entre eles e os convencionais? Por que tão pouca gente sabe/fala sobre o assunto – e alguns ainda adoram falar mal? São mesmo mais caros? Aprenda isso e muito mais com Lis Cereja, chef/proprietária/sommèliere da Enoteca Saint Vin Saint – único restaurante no país com carta de vinhos 100% natural/biodinâmica – e autora de livros sobre o tema. Finalize a experiência com um delicioso jantar

OMG! Click Here >> for the best herbal vaporizers such as The Chief by Chuck Billy of Testament which pretty much puts the hip hop vapes to shame with the Indian Skull graphics and come on ladies... get something kickass for you or your man.

The prevalence of victim blaming is seen throughout many aspects of our rape culture; the general public, friends and families of rape victims, rape victims themselves, rapist, and the legal system. Questions about what women wear or their past sexual history are NOT relevant in rape cases.

from A Paralegal's Journey to Lawyerhood

Efficient v. Thorough Notes – Whether to Take Pre-Class/Reading Notes

Some helpful tips on synthesising pre-class reading notes and class notes

from Solar America

Homeowners Should Act Now to Get Home Solar for Little to $0 Down

Thinking about going solar? A little-known government program called the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit helps put solar on your home. Read how homeowners are reducing their utility payments by hundreds of dollars per year, before the tax credit expires on December 31, 2016!

Uh, Oh… Looks Like The Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ And His Family Could Face HUGE Legal Trouble… How to be an instant celebrity – be one of liberals’ favored minority victim classes. Put the guts of an old digital clock in a case that looks like one Jack Bauer would be rushing to diffuse. Take it to a public school and freak everybody out with it.

from Mail Online

Amal Clooney's joke when asked what she's wearing - in legal robes

Wedding of the year: Mrs Clooney and her husband, pictured at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month, married in September last year

from BuzzFeed

Do You *Actually* Know The Words To Eminem's "Lose Yourself"?

Eminem, one of my favorite music artist. He has wrote a lot of his own songs. Most of his songs are almost putting poetry to words, through all his trails and tribulations he always seems to find a way to express what he's feeling through his music.