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Tyson vs Berbick 1986 - Tyson was fined $5,000 for wearing the same color trunks as Berbick. The check was returned after the fight.

This Day in Boxing History January 22, 1973 Foreman KOs Frazier in 2. 6 Knockdowns. In one of the most talked about fights in history George Foreman stops Smokin' Joe in the 2nd round in Kingston Jamaica. Don King climbs over his fighter Joe Frazier to con his new fighter George Foreman. facebook - boxing hall of fame las vegas

Cassius Clay AKA Muhammad Ali squaring off against Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain. The two men were going to fight at the Astrodome back in 1967. Posters were made for the fight. I think Chamberlain had the reach advantage. Ali had the chin. Ali looks a bit intimidated in there. Wilt looks like he's smiling. Boxing Hall of Fame - Google+

Mike Tyson Moments before fighting Trevor Berbick for the Heavyweight Championship. Here, in the most pressure packed event in Mike's life to that point - he's smiling! Happier Times. Man, what would he have done in the fights he never had - Foreman - Bowe - Morrison - Rahman - Tua? Boxing Hall of Fame - Google+

SORRY G.G.G this is REAL MEXICAN STYLE! Salvador Sanchez (Bonus Fights) Sanchez vs Azumah Nelson, Sanchez vs Wilfredo Gomez - PUSH THE LINE BOXING

Would Tony Tubbs or Greg Page be Heavyweight Champ today? Here Tubbs beats Page for the WBA title in 1985. Visit us on facebook Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas

Murdered -- This Day in Boxing History - December 30, 1970 - Sonny Liston. In early December Liston was preparing to go to authorities and rat on how he was paid by the mob to throw the Ali Fight. He demanded a big pay day from the boys to keep his mouth shut. Two weeks later he was found dead from a drug overdose. Back then the boys, especially Liston's managers, the Nilon brothers, still had a big hand in boxing. facebook - boxing hall of fame las vegas

Common sight at a Salvador Sanchez fight. Here Azumah Nelson hits the canvas. It was the last fight for Sanchez. He died 3 weeks later. Visit us on facebook Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas