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The team stop sign is a management tool to help control the noise level during cooperative learning activities. If a team becomes noisy or off-task, place a stop sign in the middle of the team. Ask team members to be quiet for one minute and think about how they can work more effectively and quietly. This strategy is simple, but it’s effective for helping your students to refocus.

This is an easy to use self assessment that young learners can use after any cooperative learning experience. You can also find cooperative learni...

Flexible Classroom Seating

Are you thinking about flexible seating for your classroom? Alternative seating can improve student focus, increase student participation, and motivate your learners. Here are some great seating choices, organization tips, and classroom management ideas for switching to alternative seating.

Writers Workshop / Student Conferencing "Deli-Style" - Classroom Management

I’m a big fan of one-on-one conferencing with students as a way to connect with them and check for understanding. I use this “deli-style” format with students as a fun way to let them know it is their turn to conference with me. Each student is given a ticket (from 1 to how ever many students you have in class) at the beginning of class and meets me at the designated conference area in the room when they hear the “DING!” and their number appears on the projector screen. Kids love it!

Is it bad I've said that out loud to a class before... I also enjoy when a student asks right after a lesson, if what I taught was what the homework was going to be's hard work holding back the sarcasm!

Ideas for Using the Book Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? (Minds in Bloom)