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Enjoying a healthy plant based diet saves a lot more water than taking shorter showers or skipping the almonds. #GoVegan #MyVeganJournal

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save water, go vegan.

Water Fact: If you enjoy a plant-based diet, you'll save a heck of a lot of water! <3 #MyVeganJournal

Save Water <3 Go Vegan #MyVeganJournal

with so many delicious and healthy plant based foods out there today, there's really no excuse to eat these guys... they want to live a happy, healthy life too! #MyVeganJournal

if you really want to save water... go vegan! #MyVeganJournal

If you really want to save water, ditch the meat <3 #MyVeganJournal

save water; go vegan! #MyVeganJournal

Chickens in the meat industry are sentenced to a lifetime of suffering because of genetic manipulation that forces them to grow so rapidly. Chickens are also exempt from the Animal Welfare Act. Please consider enjoying a healthy plant based diet instead of eating birds and other animals <3 No more excuses. #MyVeganJournal