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One Mom Who is Never Going to Get Out of Bed

Hopefully, Amy is JUST KIDDING about letting her kids set up a zip line down the staircase while she stays in bed because she won a brand new Serta iComfort mattress!

Kid Wins Epic Stare Down Contest Against TV Camera

Witness a true stare down master in action. This kid diverted the entire viewership of a baseball game away from the players to LOOK INTO HIS EYES.

One Mom Who is Never Going to Get Out of Bed

We are now down to the ten finalists in the iComfort headline contest. My selections are based purely on the ones that made me laugh the loudest. Vote for your favorite to win!

Farker Nick Nostril shared this example of a slide that you might not want to enjoy with your child in the Fark thread "Headline: Parents should hold child on lap on a playground slide. Article: Parents should NOT hold child on lap on a playground slide. Gee, thanks for clearing that up for us"

54 Kinds of Kids You'll See at the Beach This Summer

The guy who's dressed way too fancy for the beach.

26 Reasons Moms are Stressed Out at the End of the School Year

I don’t think I’m alone in my “School’s Almost Out Freak Out.” As the minutes tick by to the start of summer vacation, here’s a list of reasons most moms are stressed out.

I know this video depicts a universal experience for most married couples. For Mike and I, it’s the opposite. He’s the “finder” and I’m the one who can’t find the raisins even when they are right in front of my face.

Drunk Guy Explains Why Kids Are the Absolute Worst

Matt Bellassai is a guy who gets drunk in his office and whines about stuff. This week, he’s whining about kids and he is so dead on, I think he may have stolen my kids as research.

If you’re in need of a smile today, check out this video of a little girl who wants to stay mad at her dad SO BADLY, but her squeaky shoes make it impossible.

Bohemian Momsody is the Classic Rock Mom Parody You've Been Waiting For

Freddie Mercury probably just rolled over in his grave, but that’s only because he never had children.