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Explore Sanding Coming, Epoxy Fill and more!

This is a prime example of why I’m not crazy about the epoxy fill. It’s tough to limit how much gets absorbed around the cracks to be filled. Maybe carefully waxing around the voids would work. Lots of sanding coming up

Auto giocattolo in legno naturale, incompiuto, ciliegia del 1970 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, fatti a mano su una sega

Ragazzi e ragazze... Accendete i motori!!! Qui è una macchina in legno ciliegia tutti naturale e incompiuta che modellato una Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. È non trattata senza colla o di sostanze chimiche usate. Perno Rohi di pioppo servono come gli assi con le ruote acero essendo attrito montato su di loro. Lauto è levigata liscia come la seta con i bordi taglienti essere offuscati. Se lacquirente vorrebbe, ho un tutto naturale, capretto amichevole jojoba olio/cera dapi incolla che ho…

The Storage Chair is made out of solid pine with solid brass hinges. It comes fully assembled,sanded smooth and is finished with non-toxic linseed oil. Kids love to keep their treasures close, and this chair is a huge hit! The roomy interior can be used for art supplies, blocks, small toys and everything in between. Sized for kids aged 1 to 4 years old, with custom size orders welcome. Seat sits at 7 1/2 " H and chair is 11" W .

Wooden Gnome Home. Doll Tree House. Waldorf Doll House. Wooden Treehouse. Fairy house

Wooden Gnome Home. Doll Treehouse. Waldorf Dollhouse. Wooden Treehouse. Fairy house.

Branch Building Blocks Tree Blocks Waldorf Natural Toys 30 Piece Set

A 30 piece branch block building set that is hand cut and sanded and comes in a burlap drawstring bag with a handstamped branch tag. Great

Easy DIY Woodworking Kits for Kids' Toys

Locomotive: Kids of all ages love toy trains, so why not buy one the family can build together? This wood locomotive kit comes with pre-cut sanded wood, instructions, hardware, and the tools you need to put it all together. Your train will be up and running in no time. About $20;

Reserved for LISA***Wooden Waldrof Doll House. Mini Treehouse Gnome Home / Fairy Dwelling with doll furniture

This Wooden Treehouse Play set comes with fairy furniture, rope ladder, mini hammock, pulley and bucket mossy toadstools and much more!#FALLandFOUND

Helicopter Wooden Toy Natural Childrens Airplane

This super fun wooden helicopter is hand-crafted out of beautiful hardwoods, sanded smooth, and finished with child-safe flax seed oil finish. Both of the rotors/propellors really spin, providing hours of fun for your child! It would make a perfect gift for a toddler or preschooler! Our helicopters come in a variety of hardwood combinations-very rarely repeating any combination-so your helicopter may not look exactly the same as any pictured above, but we always try to create a color…