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Researchers have studied all parts of the pomegranate for their potential health benefits, including the fruit, seed, seed oil, tannin-rich peel, root, leaf, and flower. Read about what they’ve learned here:

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The 3 switches that turn on cancer, and how to flip them back off

The complicated interaction between all of our genes and the environment determines our risk for developing cancer. Here are the top 3 factors that increase the risk for disease:

Historically, people in northern regions have used rhodiola for a variety of conditions, including anxiety, fatigue, anemia, headache, and depression related to stress. But what does the research show? Learn about the science and safety of rhodiola here:

Goldenseal is a plant that grows wild in part of the U.S. but has become endangered by overharvesting. Folk or traditional uses of goldenseal include various health conditions, such as colds and other respiratory tract infections, infectious diarrhea, and eye infections. But what does the science say? Learn more:

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Dr Oz: Reishi Tea Cancer Treatment & Cremini Mushroom Health Benefits

Mushrooms are medicine! Dr Oz and Dr Pina LoGiudice showed us how you can use Cremini Mushrooms, Reishi Mushrooms, and Shiitake Mushrooms for health.


Side Effects of Fucoidan

FUCOIDAN FOR LUNG CANCER. Lung cancer claims more lives in the United States than the combination of colon, prostrate and breast cancers. Scientists are now looking at fucoidan, a plant chemical found in some seaweed, as a potential anti-cancer drug.