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Lotus and sunset. Divine beauty. #lotus #sunset #photography #magic

James 4:10 - Imagine some jerk comes into a wedding, marches up, and sits at the table for the wedding party. No one invited him, he wasn't part of the wedding party; he was just a guest. Nobody likes that jerk, and everyone sees that he's got an ugly ego. But the one who comes in meekly, without pomp, and even if they deserve that high place, take the lowest spot in the room... People notice. And they like it.

Las MARGARITAS. Nombre científico Chrysanthemun leaucanthemum Proviene del centro y norte de Europa. Podemos aprovechar sus propiedades beneficiosas. Para aliviar el enrojecimiento de la piel y el ardor en los ojos, hervir una cucharadita de hojas secas y flores, en 100 ml de agua y sumergirlas a modo de infusión.