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Comprehension Check for - Algebraic Expressions Ticket Out the Door

There are two versions of the Ticket Out the Door. The first version only requires the student to graph the inequality. The second requires the s...

students will interpret graphs to find the story that the graph is telling and then make their own graph and story us...

Explorations with Graphing Calculators

Kids get excited about graphing calculators! Even if you have never taught a lesson with graphing calculators, you can handle this one! This activity is an exploratory overview of graphing. It is designed for use with students who have no prior experience using graphing calculators (TI-84 Plus) , but is not limited to a class of that type.

Systems of Equations and Inequalities Find Someone Who Activity

(CCSS: HSA-REI.C.6, HSA-REI.D.12) This activity highlights solving systems of linear equations exactly and approximately focusing on pairs of linear equations in two variables and graphing the solution set to a system of linear inequalities as the intersection of the corresponding half-planes.

Absolute Value Inequalities and Equations Notes and Practice

Solving and graphing absolute value inequalities can be a challenging concept for algebra students to understand. Use these materials to make it easier for them and for you! CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSA.REI

Digital Polynomials Linear Factors & Zeros - Google Edition

Are your Algebra 2 students working in a 1:1 environment? Are you going digital? Here's a resource designed especially for you! My BE INTERACTIVE FOLDABLE(R) is designed to work with Google Slides and Google Docs where students move pieces around the slides, type directly into the graphic organizer, and use G(Math)(TM) or another online graphing utility to classify polynomials, graph polynomial functions, and describe end behavior.

Writing Linear Equations - Graphic Organizer! - Gina Wilson -

End Behavior of Polynomial Functions: Sorting Activities

End Behavior for Polynomial Functions- unique pocket setup & cards with a mix of equations, explanations, and graphs