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Simple Red Flower Vas - 3D Warehouse

Gorgeous flower arrangement by Constanca Cabral.

great composition - do you like the height? would it look ok w/ fewer colors (pink/green only?)

"green meets red and red meets blue, I wanna see all of you" you've got red, blue, and green in this photo!

Brabourne Farm Life. New South Wales' state flower Waratahs. Would love to be able to grow enough to pick them.


Magnolia & Berry Artificial Holiday Floral

Magnolia & Berry Artificial Accent is really weird..just yesterday i was thinking of when i was young. living in orangeville, across from the back of the prison.. us kids would go the the wall and collect hollyhocks and make longdress ladies with the full bloom and heads with the buds...but i just found it coincidental to be thinking of that and then seein this pic today...

Karolin Schnoor is a German freelance illustrator and designer based in London.