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A long overdue commission for mooeybambooey. As I take it these are all from YA fantasy novels. So Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Katniss Everdeen, Lena from Beautiful Creatures, Tris from Divergent, Sam and Magnus from the Shadowhunter Chronicles. By batcii on Tumblr

Last edit of the day •I guess I'll post more if I can't fix my sims 3 game. If ya like sims go follow my simstagram @hobnobsandplumbobs c:

Not crying. Not crying. Fine..... crying a little. Uhg.. fine...... crying A LOT.... who am I kidding? I am crying REALLY HARD.

What I Can't Let Go Of

The Hunger Games Quotes I actually cried when Finnick died... There were tears running down my face