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RUBIO NEEDS TO BE VETTED -- HIS PARENTS WERE NOT CITIZENS UNTIL RUBIO WAS 4 YEARS OLD - Although the name of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is mentioned more than any other as a potential GOP vice presidential candidate, a document found in the National Archives raises questions about whether the popular U.S. senator is actually qualified constitutionally to serve as president or vice president. The Petition for Naturalization on behalf of Mario Rubio, - wnd


Marco Rubio Can't Hide What He Thinks The Most Important Job Is

Having some Freudian slip problems there, Marco Rubio?

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Get to Know Marco Rubio, the Biggest Idiot Running for President

Rubio And His Quest For Amnesty Senator Marco Rubio is literally salivating over the opportunity for Illegal Amnesty after he is elected President.  With the...