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A sneaky fox with something cunning on his mind. "FELONIOUS FOX" - J. WORTHINGTON FOULFELLOW FIGURINE Walt Disney Classics Collection #Disney #WDCC

WDCC Disney Classics Hawaiian Holiday Donald Duck Wiki Wiki Waterfowl Number 30 #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art. Hawaiian Holiday Sashaying straight out of Walt Disney’s cartoon classic Hawaiian Holiday, Donald Duck playfully dances the hula — and every movement has a meaning, especially when this ducky dancer accidentally sets his grass skirt aflame. Donald is plussed with pewter legs.

WDCC Disney Classics Don Donald Daisy Duck Debut #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art. This animated short marked 'Daisy's Debut,' though she was billed as Donna Duck in this cartoon short. 1999 Gold Circle Exclusive-3rd Issue. Limited to year of production.

WDCC Disney Classics The Dog Napper Mickey Mouse On Patrol #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art. Based on the "Dognapper" (1934), On Patrol joins a growing selection of black and white sculptures based on the earliest Mickey cartoons.

WDCC Disney Classics Lady And The Tramp Scamp And Jock Persistent Pup & Patient Pal #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art. Thread on Sweater: Metal. Jock's Dog Tag: Metal. Scamp and Jock is the second release in the Lady and The Tramp Christmas Series. Production limited to the year 2002.

WDCC Disney Classics Fantasia Large Mushroom Mushroom Dancer #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art. Dewdrops: The dewdrops are genuine Austrian crystal. Pigtail: Metal. Retired 06/99.

WDCC Disney Classics A Bugs Life Princess Atta Pampered Princess #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art. Arms, Legs and Antennae: Pewter. Retired 12/09.

WDCC Disney Classics The Nifty Nineties Mickey Mouse A Perfect Gent #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art Limited to year of production-2001. Minnie Mouse and Opening Title were added in 2002.

WDCC Disney Classics Toy Story Buzz Light Year Space Ranger #WDCCDisneyClassics #Art. Helmet: Glass. Legs: Pewter.Retired 06/09.