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NOTE: Getteth thine kiddies hence! (Translation: today's post is not for the youngun's !

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Wedding Cake Wreck: This was made for and served at an ACTUAL wedding. (Here's what sealed the deal!) It was displayed on a freakin dry-erase board!

Wedding cake (see the veil?) -- naturally, it features flamingos, flamingo poo, Peeps, and Jack Daniels. I would REALLY love to have gone to this reception.

And this is the most ridiculous flamingo/poo-dropping/Peeps/Jack Daniels wedding cake I have ever seen. (Yes, they even cut holes through the cake tiers for the pillars. We can only hope it was done ironically.

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Your wedding is supposed to be the greatest day of your life, but with any of these cakes, that is absolutely not possible. Hopefully they all tasted delicious.That's an unfortunate monogram.

Heck no!

The Top 30 Most INSANE Baby Shower Cakes Of All Time! #23 and #27 Are UNREAL!

Divorce cakes: Celebrate your new-found freedom with a novelty divorce cake by Fay Millar - Telegraph

Divorce cakes: Celebrate your new-found freedom with a novelty divorce cake by Fay Millar

Funny And Creative On Divorce Cakes. You can see this pictures funny and creatives on the divorce cakes.

This failure of a cake looks like a demented clown with bloody fangs. Some cakes on Pinterest are wonderful while these atrocities are also shared freely Sometimes called 'cake wrecks' these disasters are a constant shock and surprise. I have set up a board just for these crimes against pastry. If you want to see more ( and why would you? ) please check out my LET THEM EAT BAD CAKES board. Don't blame me if they keep you up all night ~ I hope you enjoy this board. Go forth and pin freely…

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