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Rowan, at last! So many of you asked for a picture of him I lost count. I honestly had so much fun working on his face.

TIPS TO STRONG WRISTS: Please excuse the non consistent blue shade of he photos. The white balance on my phone decided to mess with me. So strong wrists is part body structure, part "before I came to yoga" lifestyle but definitely still workable. Like in ballet they do lots of calf raises and feet strengthening exercises to strengthen their ankles, it's kinda the same for wrists, small movements to strengthen the forearms and fingers will help the wrists so here we go: - 1. SQUEEZE & OPEN…

pollyandbooks: “ rereading a favourite book, scribbling in my journal + dreaming of autumn ♡ ”

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8 tips to get the perfect black and white photo

My love for black and white photography has always been constant but my ability to create one the way I wanted was not. With time, experience and learning I have been able to create black and whites that are strong and often my favorites.

When it comes to editing blog photos, a lot of bloggers use VSCO cam, The Color Story, Snapseed or Picmonkey instead of Photoshop because they think it’s a little complicated. But for me, Photoshop is the key to spruce up my pictures. My blog photos look a lot more professional using Adobe Photoshop CS6.I am not an expert in Photoshop. However, my sister is a graphic designer so I learned some basics in Adobe Photoshop from her that I would love to share with you. Photoshop is not that hard…