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This is the time of year when I am inundated with political mailings. So the ballot is in the mail and now I have all of this junk mail to recycle. I decided to use some of it to make circular templates.

from ThriftyFun

Low Fat Italian Pasta Salad

I love 7-bean salad and pasta salad, so I decided to create a salad that is the best of both!

from ThriftyFun

Valentine's Day Bark

I love peppermint bark at Christmas, so I decided to make a Valentine's day bark this year. I love how colorful it is!

I recently made our daughter a red and blue velvet cake for her birthday. The cake was horribly crumbly and I had a really hard time crumb coating it. I was running low on frosting and decided that instead of making more to add a thicker coating to cover all of the crumbs, I would embrace my mess!

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Freezing Costco Muffins

Our kids really like Costco muffins, but I find that we have a hard time using them up before they go bad. When we buy them, I immediately cut them in half, put them in a Ziploc bag, and freeze them. They are easy to defrost either ahead of time in the refrigerator or more quickly in the microwave.

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Taco Pizza

We like to do pizza night on Fridays. Tonight we decided to try making a taco pizza. It was delicious!

from ThriftyFun

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Our son bought some rhubarb at the farmer's market and wanted to put it to use. So he and his dad decided to make a pie. It was so delicious!

from ThriftyFun

Blackberry Sauce

We are lucky to have blackberries growing everywhere around us. I recently picked 20 lbs. of them and decided to make this simple blackberry sauce to put on ice cream!

from Taste of Home

Vanilla & Cinnamon-Kissed Apple Latkes