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Explore Alor Island Indonesia, Breakfast Hotel and more!

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Alor Island

Traditional Village of Takpala in Alor Island, East Nusatenggara. Here is a nice snapshot of a warlord of Abuy. He looks quite fierce, but apparently he is a hospitable person.

Extraordinary Chickens, Bright Combed Rooster - this looks more like a pheasant than a chicken . . . but it's a very pretty bird.Green Jungle Foul, from Indonesia, Java and the neighboring islands of lesser Sundas E to flores, Sumba, and Alor. Gallinaceous birds ( Heavily-bodied largely ground-b=feeding domestic or game birds ) capable of sustained flight over open water.

Alor Is. (Timor) - Indonesia. A Sea Star, Iconaster longimanus This starfish is quite the looker! It has so many different beautiful colors and it is very exotic looking. There are many different starfish species. You will find most of them hanging out in shallow warm water, close to sunlight

Mali beach - Alor island - east nusa tenggara - indonesia

Wild Honey Tree, Alor Island Indonesia

Pelabuhan Manatang, my lovely beach in Alor Island, Indonesia

Takpala village - Alor island, Indonesia