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Explore Alor Island Indonesia, Breakfast Hotel and more!

Extraordinary Chickens, Bright Combed Rooster - this looks more like a pheasant than a chicken . . . but it's a very pretty bird.Green Jungle Foul, from Indonesia, Java and the neighboring islands of lesser Sundas E to flores, Sumba, and Alor. Gallinaceous birds ( Heavily-bodied largely ground-b=feeding domestic or game birds ) capable of sustained flight over open water.

Traditional Village of Takpala in Alor Island, East Nusatenggara. Here is a nice snapshot of a warlord of Abuy. He looks quite fierce, but apparently he is a hospitable person.

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5618a. Rusty-breasted Whistler (Pachycephala fulvotincta) | Indonesia, ranging from Java east to Alor and north to the Selayar Islands