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Treme, another great HBO tv series. Set in New Orleans in the afterhshock of Kathrina. How the people deal with their losses of lifes, houses and existence. Great look into the local music scene, quirky, interesting and intriguing characters, John Goodman ist one of them.

Twin Peaks. A TV series that has changed the face of TV forever. It ran for 2 seasons 1990-1991. Its story and visuals have been to date unusal and special. Its disturbing, sometimes quirky. Its about a murder mystery and it has dwarfs, cherry cake, Kyle MacLachlan, sex, lots of RED and strange characters. It keeps you on your toes till the end. David Lynch is the director, do I need to say more. On top a beautiful score.

The Newsroom: HBO behind-the-scenes look at people who make a nightly cable-news program HBO.com

Spirited, australian Tv series envolves around the life and love after death, yes, he is the ghost of a former british rock star. A black comedy/drama, that only lived for 2 seasons... why ... dont ask me...

FIREFLY. My favourite Tv series of all times. A MASTERPIECE ! It just took only 14 Episodes of pure genius, to create a fan following as this tv series would have run for 20 years. In fact this tv series could have run for decades ! A movie SERENITY as well, and a cult ! ScitFi without aliens or laser swords, scifi with colts, cows, farmers, cities in dust and in the sky. Its hearfelt, witty, honest, charming and somewhat oldfashioned, in the best possible way. Another good one…

Heroes, this tv series made the cut, because the first season was so very good. Afterwards it went down the hill, which was a shame.

Carnivale. A short lived US tv series (HBO) about the epic fight between good and evil. Set in Great depression 1934, a young fugitive Ben Hawkins finds refuge within a travelling carnival, discoveres his healing powers and must fight evil personified in a preacher. Big mistake HBO to cancel this one. Lets shake some dust.

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