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from Vintage Adventures

1966 Show-'N-Tell Phono-Viewer Ad "the classic stories"

1966 SHOW-'N-TELL PHONO-VIEWER vintage magazine advertisement "the classic stories" ~ Let him see the classic stories you want him to see, whenever he wants to see them. - Gulliver's Travels to start the day with a bang. Wizard of Oz at lunch. ...

i loved my General Electric Show N Tell - electronic story teller with slideshow.

from Vintage Adventures

1966 Nabisco Cookies Ad "show of hands"

1966 NABISCO COOKIES vintage magazine advertisement "show of hands" ~ Let's have a show of hands for chocolatey Nabisco cookies - Not all hands can wait. Below stage, somebody's already into the MINARETS Cakes, marshmallow fluffy, richly good. And ...

from Vintage Adventures

1966 Quaker Oats Ad "Hot oatmeal is cool"

1966 QUAKER OATS vintage magazine advertisement "Hot oatmeal is cool" ~ Hot oatmeal is cool. - Know what the beautiful people eat for breakfast? - Right! Big steaming bowls of it. - Because oatmeal swings. It really does. - On a cold wintry morning, ...

from Etsy

Vintage Mr. Potato Head Jumping Toy Hasbro 1960s Christmas

Love this vintage Mr. Potato Head from the 1960s.

from Vintage Adventures

1966 AT&T Bell System Ad "Things to do by telephone"

1966 AT&T BELL SYSTEM vintage magazine advertisement "Things to do by telephone" ~ Things to do by telephone - Recruit a den mother - Lay down the law to the repairman - Find a nice home for the last of the puppies - Make an appointment for a ...

from Etsy

1966 Fisher Price Toys...VINTAGE roly poly CHIME BALL

1966 Fisher Price Toys...VINTAGE roly poly CHIME BALL. I remember this like it was yesterday!

from Vintage Adventures

1966 Encyclopedia Americana Ad "Do you just want the facts"

1966 ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA vintage magazine advertisement "Do you just want the facts" ~ Do you just want the facts, or would you rather learn something? - As you no doubt discovered in school, there's no better sleeping pill than a list of facts. ...

Betsy Wetsy doll ad from the 50's. The Ideal Toy Co. started manufacturing her in 1935, named after the head of the company, A. Katz's, daughter. She was one the first of the popular dolls to also be offered in ethnic versions.