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1966 Show-'N-Tell Phono-Viewer Ad "the classic stories"

1966 SHOW-'N-TELL PHONO-VIEWER vintage magazine advertisement "the classic stories" ~ Let him see the classic stories you want him to see, whenever he wants to see them. - Gulliver's Travels to start the day with a bang. Wizard of Oz at lunch. ...

1966 Armour Golden Star Turkey Ad "turkey that bastes itself"

1966 ARMOUR GOLDEN STAR TURKEY vintage magazine advertisement "turkey that bastes itself" ~ Now there is a turkey that bastes itself with butter inside and out right while it's roasting - New process Armour Golden Star Turkey is juicier, more ...

1948 View-Master Ad "To Thrill Any Child"

1948 VIEW-MASTER vintage print advertisement "To Thrill Any Child" ~ To Thrill Any Child (and yourself) Give View-Master Stereo-Stories illustrated with full-color pictures in Three Dimensions ... Available for Christmas At Selected Photo, Stationery, Gift, Department Stores ~

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50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand

I LOVED my story books with the matching records. I had a nice pair of headphones and record player. some of my favorites were peter pan alice in wonderland 101 dalmations fox and the hound and wizard of oz

1961 Sears Ad "Why children love Sears"

1961 SEARS vintage magazine advertisement "Why children love Sears" ~ Why children love Sears -- and Sears loves children - Toys like this wonderful model of Disneyland ($9.98) are the reason why boys and girls love Sears. Why not take your ...

Vintage Toy Ship - Lesney Matchbox Superfast No 72 SRN6 Hovercraft

Vintage Toy Ship Lesney Matchbox by hebrideanbeachcomber on Etsy, £2.00