1966 SHOW-'N-TELL PHONO-VIEWER vintage magazine advertisement "the classic stories" ~ Let him see the classic stories you want him to see, whenever he wants to see them. - Gulliver's Travels to start the day with a bang. Wizard of Oz at lunch. ...

1953 AMERICAN CHARACTER DOLL COMPANY vintage magazine advertisement "Ricky Jr." ~ Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with the Ricky Jr. Baby Doll - the baby all America loves ~

Sears Xmas catalog Pt.8: From the 1966 Sears catalog... it was also a big year for James Bond 007 toys. Being 12 years old in '66 (like me) was akin to being in Movie-TV-related toy heaven.

Matchbox Superfast Loop set / Vintage Toys Wanted by the-toy-exchange - http://www.cash-for-vintage-toys.co.uk/

Vote TRIX In 1956 Sonny might be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but from the look of this 1956 ad, these kids were crazy for TRIX! A happy way to start the day, indeed.

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