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An IKEA candle stick with a 9 inch square piece of wood... love this idea. Of course I'd have to get a router and a stencil.

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Los Angeles Modern Home

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Party crate extra large

This Large Wooden Crate is amazing for holding cupcakes, placing party keepsakes in, or keeping your guests beverages nice and neat for collection on their way through to the dance floor! Great for storage and just as a feature piece in your home. Perfect for use with our mason jars, but make sure not to fill it up to much if you’re carrying it ! That’s a lot of space to fill, with only little wooden handles to take on the job! Have fun styling this guy up in your home! Dimensions: 65cm…

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Christmas Tree Luminaries

Want ideas for decorating the outside of your home on a budget? These Christmas tree luminaries and other inexpensive decor ideas from Marty's Musings will encourage you to be creative and use natural elements mixed with thrifted purchases. A beautiful home is possible without spending a lot of money!