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People love the company of a Leo when they are happy, but an unhappy one can be extremely difficult to tolerate. | Um, correction. I don't need you to tolerate shit. You can kiss every square inch of my difficult, Leo ass. #smooches

from Etsy

Black Carved Pittsburgh Steelers Pumpkin

Yes. I am so done with everything tonight. I don't know whats wrong with me..but thenagain I do. Its just hard to explain. I am so tired of being tired of everything. I go from being super happy to being sad. I am always sad and happy at the same time and I don't know how. I am always confused. And I hate feeling like this all the time. I am okay when I am around people but even then I feel so alone. My thoughts hurt me.

Nope nope nope; has to be Hinata and Kageyama getting onto the National Team together

Fat is not synonymous with ugly

Wow, Azula really does look like Ursa <--she is as beautiful as her mother but as arrogent as her father

FYI--- this is my opinion. You are free to post yours on your pin with your hate comments. That's why our freedom of speech is important. Now, it's time for you to be advocates of that freedom. Go, be happy!!! I choose to respect our flag, national anthem and Constitution. Everyone wants freedom of choice, right??? Love it or Leave it!!! USA! USA! USA!!! YOU don't have to stay here!!! I love my country!

I can't understand why anyone would want to indoctrinate their children into hate. I am a very forgiving person, but when it comes to abusing and using, manipulating, ostracizing, or degrading a child....I just can't forgive that.



Burpee Workout