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End of Life Doesn’t Mean End of Choice >>> "You deserve to choose your path, and *now* is the time. It is a gift to yourself, and your loved ones. Spare those you love from the experience of trying their best to make decisions for you while they are raw with emotion. If you stay silent, they will have to guess. And that’s no way to finish your beautiful life," writes @Jennifer Hotes.

The Price of Living: @jlhotes hopes for a world where humans *increase* in value over time. "In this disposable society, I challenge you to clutch your sentimentality with two fists. Cherish your years and the years of others..." ( #Aging #Family)

I Had a Ghostwriter for My Second Novel: @jlhotes stays at the lovely Hotel Bellwether, connects with a spectral writing partner.

New Year – Fresh Start! Do you have something you want to achieve this year? @Jenn L Hotes suggests being very specific about your #goals and, most importantly, don't give up!

How Authors Can Effectively Use Goodreads.


Digital publishing startup Booktrope wins $205,000 in angel investment

“We've proven what we do works,” @Katherine Adams Sears said, “we just need to scale it up.”

'On the Road' made Kerouac famous and wrecked his life.

Doing a bit a book shopping for a bookish middle schooler in your life? Take a look at FOUR RUBBINGS by @Jenn L Hotes >>> #LitPick

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The Stone Witch Society /// Sisters of the Twelve Stones (book two) - Prologue and Chapter One

@Jenn L Hotes has posted the first portion of her follow up to FOUR RUBBINGS on @Wattpad. Don't miss it!

@Jenn L Hotes shares an emotional guest post from her sister-in-law, "Reflections on Breathing" >>> "It has been a refreshing revelation and reminder to sit here in my mother’s hospital room, and gain profound pleasure in watching her chest move up and down with every blessed, sacred breath, each one a gift from a God who desires to give us the very best."