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Wow just wow

A short collection of long ones #3

Wow just wow

so adorable! Oh My goodness, yes. This WILL be my wedding picture! Ahh the SLC temple (:


Painting Death: Disturbing Art by Fred Einaudi

Fred Einaudi... What was up with this type of photography back then??

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Friday Funny Pictures

The Funny Beaver Friday Funny Pictures - August 22, 2014

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40 Pictures That Show Just How Much The World Has Changed

Oddities... Vintage photo of smoking child and chicken...

Alice in Wonderland inspired photo of girl with large tea cup on her head Photo by Lissy Elle

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The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures Of All Time

Does your kitty do this? Cats instinctually want fresh flowing water. But is your water faucet or toilet bowl the best source for fresh clean water? NO. Veterinarians say that pets in the home need a filtration style ceramic fountain to stay well hydrated/avoid urinary related problems. Why Filtered? Why Ceramic? The water is continually in motion, small contaminates are captured by the filter. Quality ceramic known as one of the best ways to keep water cool and will not break down over…

homes in caves... kind of a weird idea but i like it:P

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Fountain of youth

i dont know what i expected but it wasnt this gif >>>Curtis Lepore and King Bach<<<VINE