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An investigation is underway over a so-called "bleach bomb" attack reportedly perpetrated against an African-American student at the University of Texas at Austin. The incident echoes similar occurrences that shook the school's minority community last year and sparked campus protests.

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5 Presidential Contenders, 1 Conspiracy Theory at ALEC Summit

The five announced speakers at the annual conference of the lobbying group all reject the science of climate change, arguing that scientists are part of a conspiracy to attack the use of fossil fuels.

Dr. Darlene Renfro Westbrook was born in Athens, Texas Darlene became the first African American to teach at Montclair Elementary School in Corpus Christi. After moving to Austin in 1974, she began her career with the Austin ISD. Darlene returned to Athens in 1985 and became its first African-American principal and district administrator.Upon her return to Austin in 1989, Darlene received recognition for her work,

Date: February 11, 1959 Creator: Douglass, Neal Description: Photograph of a classroom of coed, African-American students at the old Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. On the left, a student and teacher study a map of the United States with the major rivers emphasized while the rest of the students, who are seated at their desks, look on. Contributing Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

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Jeb Bush Tax Returns Reveal Almost Nothing About His Wall Street Connections

Thursday, 16 April 2015 Jeb Bush’s Ties to Insider Financial Interests Are Confirmed

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The Color of Affordable Care

The sea ice coverage in the Arctic Ocean is 50 percent greater than last year at this time.

The Limerick-Frazier House, John W. Frazier, a professor at Samuel Huston College, purchased the house in 1905. After he died, Laura Allman Frazier, his widow, operated the house as lodging for African American students and travelers who were excluded from white-owned hotels in Austin.

Photo of an All-Black School, known at that time as the "Negro School". Austin, Texas.

Wesley United Methodist Church has kept the faith for 150 yearsOne of the leading East Austin churches has no intention of leaving its home on Sugar Hill.The Austin church — whose local roots go back to 1840, though it was officially founded in March 1865 — Early on, classes for Samuel Huston College, transferred from Dallas, were conducted at Wesley,

Photograph of 5A students of the Blackshear School of Austin, TX in the early 1920s.