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GRAPHIC DESIGN – INSPIRATION – to redesign or realign, that is the question.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – PACKAGING – inspiring package design.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – BRANDING – the wedding lawyer brand design.

from Trendland

Craft Typography by Lobulo Design

GRAPHIC DESIGN – TYPOGRAPHY – craft typography by lobulo design.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – LOGO – way of the david logo design.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – LOGO – shoptalks logo design.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – LOGO – melt chocolate logo design.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – LOGO – 100% watercolor by bmd design.

from UltraLinx

5 Things Every Designer Should Know When Dealing With Clients

GRAPHIC DESIGN – INFOGRAPHIC – five things every designer should know when dealing with clients.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – INSPIRATION – shafts a new minimal geometric composition each day.