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Warbonnet Outdoors - Camping Hammocks, Tarps, Under Quilts, and Top Quilts

How to make a DIY Camping Hammock Tarp

from Warbonnet Outdoors

Ridgerunner Hammock

WarBonnet Ridgerunner Hammock

How to make a DIY Asymmetrical hammock camping tarp

Just Jeff's Hammock Camping Page - a lot of good information on hammocks here, from basic how-to's to gear (hammocks, tarps, bug nets, etc.) reviews

Dutchware Gear - Hammock Suspensions, Tarp/Hammock Hardware & accessories

Rigging a No-sag Hennessy Hammock Tarp - The Ultimate Hang

from BuzzFeed

22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping

Everything You Need to Know About the Technicality of S'mores. And 9 other diagrams