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Here is the timelapse of my twenty second daily render, another one from start to finish. Thanks for watching! See my daily renders here: Music: "Take Care Of Yourself" - Form & Shape

from Vimeo


Motion graphics for school assignment. I was told to create dynamic and music synchronised animation, made from simple geometric shapes. Direction/Animation : Martin Nabelek Shoutouts to Matej Vazal and Miriam Stastna for support! Music by Hecq [(Trifonic - Baalbek (Hecq Remix)] Any feedback is warmly welcomed! ...................................... powered by Noir [2013]

breakdowns of my Friendly Fires video - music by Disclosure, "Flow"

ATYP 2014 Teaser - Director's Cut on Vimeo

Client : TEDxTaipei Production Company : Bito Creative Director: 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu Design : 李竺潔 Chu-Chieh Lee Producer : 林國隆 Oskar Lin Assistant Producer : 李曼寧 Manning Li Lead Animator : 李竺潔 Chu-Chieh Lee Cel Animation : 許桂騰 Guei-Teng Shiu/徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu/李竺潔 Chu-Chieh Lee/鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng/陳昊宜 Hao Yi Chen 2D Animation : 陳柏尹 Bruce Chen/李竺潔 Chu-Chieh Lee/鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng 3D Animation : 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu Music : Liya Huang SFX : David Dunlap

Everything you'll see in this showreel was created with love, gut and brainy brain by the crew from PANIC. Have fun! Music: Stereo Total - Holiday Innn, only used for this website and with no commercial purpose. ~

One of 16 broadcast Idents created for the Quest Channel rebrand 2014. Animation: Music & sound design:

Client: Acer Creative Director: 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu Producer: 陳家瑋 Katie Chan /林國隆 Oskar Lin / Katherine Lee Design: 孙世晟 Somei Animation: 孙世晟 Somei / 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu Compositing:孙世晟 Somei / 林思翰 Axers Lin/李竺潔Mung Li /鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng/陳柏尹 Bruce Chen Music : 三十而立 Sincerely Music

Client : TEDxTianhe Production Company : Bito Creative Director: 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu Design : 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu Producer : 林國隆 Oskar Lin Assistant Producer : 李曼寧 Manning Lee Lead Animator : 林思翰 Axers Lin 3D Animation : 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu/李竺潔 Chu-Chieh Lee/林思翰 Axers Lin 2D Animation : 鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng/李竺潔 Chu-Chieh Lee Music & SFX : Aimar Molero (

A little light rises from the deep sea. Pictures : Clément Morin Music : Etienne Forget - Sound Design : Hugo Thouin Some still frames here: © 2015 -