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brine shrimp science fair project

Do a Brine Shrimp Science Project

Brine shrimp in the classroom

Teachers' Corner: This interesting series of simple experiments with brine shrimp encourages observation and discovery.

Physics Science Fair Projects: Magnets, Electricity, Energy

Find physics science fair project ideas about magnetism, electricity, energy and solar power, and more.

Brine Shrimp Science Project with a microscope

Observing brine shrimp can make a great science fair project! With the right tools, you can learn a lot about tiny brine shrimp.

Last minute science fair project ideas

Last-Minute Science Fair Project Ideas & Kits

Make frozen bubbles

Make homemade bubble solution then freeze it in this easy science project for kids ages

Easter egg race science project (physics)

This physics egg race project teaches kids about friction, force, and gravity. Find more egg science projects, plus home science supplies, at HST online!