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This is what my daughters friend's little girl came up with when told to make a bed for her barbies with household supplies. Yes it is a tampon pillow & feminine pad bed, LOL!

In a frame for guest room. Write password with dry erase marker on the glass.

Actually, I read books while I work out! Isn't that why there's a shelf on my treadmill??

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Yoga to get out of bed

Morning Yoga

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27 Things That Are Only Acceptable At University

Tokyo Ghoul be like

Laughing so hard looking at all the funny things this lady did with her elf. Check out the site for more cute ideas. lol

haha me in Science class today :D idk why I was laughing ALL class! haha maybe because all this drama is going on with friends and been sad like all last week!!! lol :)) happy that some of my friends were there for me! :))))

Ok Imma do something like this with the MG & Angela in that Victoriany one. He doesn't make her breakfast in bed but he does appear to talk to her or something like that...

Laying in bed and he's sleep. The show on tv had a girl crying. He shot up and looked at me with wide eyes and after a second said "I thought you were crying". He has no idea how much that meant to me.

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50 Things That Will Make You Say "What A Time To Be Alive"

I have many boxes. I might have to try this with my Kindle Fire.