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Plan to do this with my oldest for 4th grade. Decided against it for this year because I was thrilled with the idea of Beautiful Feet Early American History, and I still am :) Heart of Dakota is calling my name though, and it has been for some time now.

Heart of Dakota is a Christ-centered, complete curriculum in a Charlotte Mason style. It is designed by a homeschool Mom for those of us who don't plan ahead well.

Declaration of Independence written by:    Thomas Jefferson (main writer)  John Adams  Benjamin Franklin  Roger Sherman  Livingston  It was a committee of five.    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_were_the_writers_of_the_Declaration_of_Independence#ixzz1nXg6IbHM

The Sugar Act: Parliament passed a law that colonist payed 6 pence per gallon. Most colonist sneaked buying sugar so they wouldn't have to pay the tax. This tax hurt the British West Indies because England's product was cheaper

Online Game-- SS3E3 The student will give examples of interdependence and trade and will explain how voluntary exchange benefits both parties. b. Describe how goods and services are allocated by price in the marketplace.  This game would help students understand how when you have fewer resources your prices must go up, etc.

A teacher favorite: help Stinky and Bubba run their lemonade stand.

Compulation of History Videos divides into 4 periods

These history videos for kids cover the four year history cycle--ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern. This gallery of videos is absolutely amazing!

HCSV Children’s Activity & Coloring Book Also, slate board and pencil

HCSV Children’s Activity & Coloring Book Also, slate board and pencil