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MAGIC? DARKNESS? REGIMENTS? ROYAL COURT? MONSTER FEEDING ON HUMAN FLESH? DARKLING?YES PLEASE!This series has been recommended to me so many times that i couldnt help but get the first two books for myself. Lets see how i like them and then rave or rant about it to you guys. do you buy books that have been recommended to you? Do you goodreads a book before buying or do you dive headfirst and go by the 'aura' of the book? OH and im watching Harry potter at the moment finally appreciating…

Dating a Designer: 10 Things You Need to Know

So you’ve nabbed yourself a designer and life is good. You inherently feel more creative and have a newfound confidence wearing glasses. But before you dive headfirst into a world of logos and coffee and deadlines, there are a few quirks you ought to consider when dating designer folk.

STEM Engineering: Will building a tower with newspaper REALLY benefit my students?

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