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Wife Beating for the lucky Muslim women, and Death for the unlucky ones. The Real War on Women! It woven into their "religion of peace", their "one true prophet" has decreed it. Wake up America, reject Sharia, it has no place in our society !!!

Next they will kill her for having sex with someone other than her husband if she has one. IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT ISLAM...... Iranian female student in Mashahd/IRAN was caught with a can of beer, she was jailed for 6 days, raped 29 times by 7 islamic security forces and was given 80 lashes !!! OH YEAH, THIS IS A REAL PEACEFUL RELIGION!!!!!!!!

....when liberalism became the dominating mental illness of a nation willing to watch our Constitution destroyed for the sake of not being called a racist by the man firmly rooted in the liberal ideology and for all the tax payer provided 'freebies' he could give them.. But background checks OFFENDS more people than asking voters...ALL VOTERS..for photo IDs....where is the outrage for the stupid stuff?