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Guy and his girlfriend get in a fight at Olive Garden. This is how he decides to handle it… |

Posting that thing I told you about at the bar last night. My name came from the first song that played on shuffle. Last.fm / Likes Ask Box / Audio Posts Other Blog / Other, Other Blog Archive / RSS

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For the past year I have struggled to lose weight because of my lack of motivation. So I decided to make a fitblr in hopes that is will keep me motivated. :) What to know something? Just ask ! height: ***done*** UGW: Strong and healthy

"Spoiler alert!" If one more person tells me I spoiled something for them, I WILL SCREAM. It's not my fault you didn't read the books or watch the episode last week because you were on a date. I want to talk about things, SO I'M GONNA POST ABOUT THINGS!

Grumpy cat might be one of my favorite things ever to have graced the internet. A little bit of happiness...grumpy saved my soul at my old job. Seeing her face on my monitor would make me smile when all I wanted to do was scream! thank you grumpy cat!

Oh. My. God. @Kelsea Sparks is this Kraft's essay as a child?! i really think you have to show this to him tomorrow during opening. The world's greatest essay, written by a who really, really hates plain doughnuts. This is probably my new favorite thing.