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English - Pinned says: anchors: writing - types of sentences - jeff anderson - mechanically inclined! have the students practice their own after modeling.

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Types of Verbs Anchor Chart. Need an anchor chart for all parts of speech, figurative language, vocab, . by ofelia

Libby Lou: Educator, Baker, Wanna be Craft Maker: Theme.. Glorious Theme and Skittle Order of Operations FREEBIE!

I have used THEMEssage to teach theme for ever! Love this Anchor Chart to go along with it. Theme Anchor chart and ideas for teaching theme

Life in Fifth Grade: Search results for reading

Good Readers Show Evidence- bulletin board to encourage students to use evidence based terms to respond to their reading

Inference chart by lucia

Inference---The chart presented in this visual could be used for middle school grades. Students compare and contrast inferring what the texts says and what they personally infer what the text is saying.


Anchor charts - I like the personal narrative one. Could use that for beginning-of-year writing exercise to get to know students and to assess ELA skills - can be adapted for middle school