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Explore Number 13, Basque Country and more!

from Lifehacker

Top 10 Ways to Find the Best Place to Live

Where should you move to? Where will you feel at home? These are complicated questions with many variables to consider, so today we're taking a look at tips on finding the right neighborhood (or city or state) for you, and maps and statistics that might reveal why some areas would be more or less attractive than others for you.

5 little pumpkins. I made something similar as a child. It will be fun to let them do the updated version!

Frankenline - great idea for using the number line at Halloween!

Clothes Pin activities: one to one correspondence, color matches, beginning sounds, etc. (Take the idea across the curriculum.)

There is an easy turkey color by number and links to a Thanksgiving coloring book, printable placemats, and emergent readers for your littlest ones who are just starting to read. Description from I searched for this on

Mrs. Math Geek: 7th Grade Math Anchor Charts

Lovely list, but I would personally alter number 13 to say 'the Gods' - so that it is not distinctly Wiccan, of which I am not. :-)

I NEED ANSWERS RIGHT NOW!!! Who is saying all this? Where did this come from? Is any of this true at all???

Oh my goodness, and the PERFECT idea too.......... Buy a t-shirt from each one of them!!! I am genius lol