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Real presidents, folks, try to fix problems. What Obama does is try to fix the blame, and now he's doing it again. He's blaming all the problems of ISIS on bad intel.

Obama's Staged Fainting Act Exposed- This is such a fantastic video of the phoney-balogny President Obama really is with all his fainting speech listeners, the most recent at the Garden when O talked about Obama care

LOL!!! You gotta laugh, coz crying over the havoc this president has wrecked on this country? Not an option. Better to save that anger for 2014 and 2016.

"Sometimes you have to beat the REPUBLICANS before you can beat the DEMOCRATS." ~ Matt Kibbe, CEO & President of FreedomWorks

Does anyone remember what Obama was talking about at the time Joe Wilson called him a liar? He was talking about ObamaCare. Republicans have gotten it right over & over again. Wake up America.

An Atheist group put up a billboard in Times Square saying, "Who needs Christ during Christmas" ... A Christian group responded with this billboard! Do you LIKE their response? I DO!!

This man's love of country brings tears to my eyes. Can we get another leader that passionate about America?!? I think we have a few in the race, but the way our primary election system is set up, most of us never get to vote for our favorite candidate